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About Leeofthelotus: im am the loser who will beat all gifted geniuses through shear will power :) now would that not make for an exciting match my name is daniel i have skype ........ ask if you wanna know so laid back and loveing life, because life is amazing, wonderful, fantastic, each day filled with new expiriances,new people and new things to see a love, so dont be all depressed and dark, smile and look into the light because one day you will never be able to see it again, there is a saying, yesturday is history, tomorrow a mystry, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present, so be happy XD training everyday to become the greatest tijutsu master if its not rock then i dont wanna know, it is the only true music form XP im always up for a chat, rp, whatever, come say hi :D